The Oni Yuki Pad 2022

The Oni Yuki Pad 2022

The first drop of 2022 is none other than the Oni Yuki Pad in its limited black edition. This mousepad is crafted not just for performance but also represents our highest quality mousepad to date. 

Ample Space for Unrestricted Movement:

The Large Oni Yuki Pad offers an expansive surface, providing the freedom for sweeping movements and the assurance that your mouse stays in play even in the most intense scenarios. This large footprint is ideal for those who demand unrestricted space for fluid movement.

Engineered for Precision and Speed:

Every inch of the Oni Yuki Pad is designed for optimal mouse performance. The surface material ensures a balance between smoothness and resistance, enabling swift movements and pinpoint accuracy. It caters to the needs of both high-speed and precision-focused players.

Limited Black Edition - Elegance in Simplicity:

The Limited Black edition of the Oni Yuki Pad is a testament to elegance in simplicity. Its sleek, understated design makes it a versatile addition to any gaming setup, complementing both minimalist and elaborate themes.

Robust Build for Enduring Quality:

Durability is a cornerstone of the Oni Yuki Pad. Its high-grade materials resist wear and tear, providing longevity even under regular and intense use. The stitched edges add an extra layer of durability, preventing fraying and maintaining the pad's premium look.

Non-Slip Base for Consistent Performance:

A reliable mousepad stays put, and the Oni Yuki Pad’s non-slip rubber base ensures it remains anchored to your desk. This stability is crucial for consistent mouse control and peace of mind during critical moments.

The Oni Yuki Pad, balancing size, precision, aesthetics, and durability, stands as an essential component in your setup. This mousepad offers a substantial upgrade to your game, helping you perfect each and every movement necessary.