Yuki Aim 雪

Yuki Aim is renowned for its unparalleled precision in gaming, housing the most elite esports athletes with an impressive track record of top finishes at global tournaments and championships.

Housing top talent

Yuki Aim brings together some of the most precise shooters in Esports. Our team is stacked with players who've made their mark in international tournaments, showcasing skill, strategy, and precision.

Crafting premium products

We focus on creating high-quality gaming peripherals that meet the needs of competitive players. Our products are designed to enhance performance where it counts.

Advancing the scene

Through innovation and raw skill, we aim to push the boundaries of gaming, moving the whole industry forward one day at a time.


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If you're a brand, company, or influencer looking to work with Yuki Aim, please reach out to business@yuki.gg.