Revealing The Kitsune Mousepad

Revealing The Kitsune Mousepad

Elevate your setup with Yuki Aim's first drop of 2024: the Kitsune mousepad.

Generous Dimensions for Unmatched Freedom

Whether you choose the Large (500x500x3mm) or Extra Large (1000x500x3mm) option, the Kitsune offers ample space, providing the freedom for extensive mouse movements. Whether you're a high sensitivity or low sensitivity player, you have the options to create your setup the way you see fit.

Enhanced Durability with Double Stitched Edges

Durability is key, and the Kitsune delivers with its double-stitched edges. This feature not only adds to the pad's longevity but also prevents fraying, ensuring that it maintains its sleek appearance over time.

Aesthetic Appeal with a Unique Print

The Kitsune features an eye-catching print, meticulously designed by Yuki Aim and @ArtPaji, forming our most aesthetic mousepad to date. We generated hundreds of samples using different printing methods to ensure the final product was the highest quality possible.

Premium Materials for Superior Performance

Crafted with a high-quality smooth control surface, the mousepad offers exceptional precision and control. The cloth material provides a balance of speed and resistance, suitable for both high-speed gaming and detailed work.

Stability with Natural Rubber Base

At the base of it all is the natural rubber material, ensuring the mousepad stays firmly in place. This anti-slip feature is essential for maintaining consistent performance and accuracy during the most intense moments.