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MousepadsRevealing The Kitsune Mousepad

Revealing The Kitsune Mousepad

Elevate your setup with Yuki Aim's first drop of 2024: the Kitsune mousepad. Generous Dimensions for Unmatched Freedom Whether you choose the Large (500x500x3mm) or Extra Large (1000x500x3mm) opt...

KeyboardsThe Yuki Polar65 Mechanical Keyboard

The Yuki Polar65 Mechanical Keyboard

Yuki Aim and Arbiter Studio come together to bring you our newest product: The Yuki Polar65 Mechanical Keyboard.   Hall Effect Technology - A Leap in Keyboard Engineering: At the heart of the Yuki ...

MousepadsIntroducing The Katana Mousepad

Introducing The Katana Mousepad

Precision and style are a must, and the Yuki Aim Katana Mousepad embodies these qualities perfectly.   The Expanse You Need - XL Size for Ultimate Control: Size can be a game-changer, and the Katan...

MousepadsThe Oni Yuki Pad 2022

The Oni Yuki Pad 2022

The first drop of 2022 is none other than the Oni Yuki Pad in its limited black edition. This mousepad is crafted not just for performance but also represents our highest quality mousepad to date. ...

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